Community Service

Service projects are required for each student, first grade and up.  The number required per school year depends on the student's grade level.  For example, first graders are required to complete one service project, and second graders are required to complete  two service projects.  This pattern continues with each subsequent grade level.  These projects can range from simple to complex.  Examples include: Volunteering at a soup kitchen, community cleanup projects, assisting at a nursing home or helping a family at Christmas.

Community service projects must be pre-approved by CCS administration using the Community Service Report (see below).  A brief but accurate description of the proposed service project should be written on the form and then submitted to CCS administration.  The form will be promptly returned to the student.  If approved, the student is free to complete the service project.  After finishing the project, the form should be completed and returned to CCS administration.  Each service project should involve the student for a minimum of one (1) hour of actual service.  The goal of this requirement is to encourage hands-on service in our students; therefore, student initiated collection boxes which request donations from fellow students are not permitted.

Community Service Project Form Download


Community Service Ideas

*Please contact ministries directly to discuss volunteer possibilities.  Keep in mind that some ministries will have age restrictions.

"A non-profit program designed to break the bond of poverty and abuse and replace them with hope and determination."

295 Molly Lane, Ste 110, Woodstock, GA 30189, 770-517-4450

Additional Service Ideas:

  • Make treats for an assisted living / nursing home;
  • Put together a care package for service men and women and send overseas;
  • Read to small children at a daycare or hospital;
  • Put together a care package basket for a local food bank, children's hospital, homeless shelter, batter women's shelter;
  • Visit a senior home and read to them, play cards or board games, or "interview" them about their life.

Environmental Ideas:

  • Plant trees or flowers; 
  • Help create a community garden;
  • Plant fruits or vegetables and then donate them to a local food bank;
  • Pick up litter at a park or playground;
  • Develop and maintain a recycling program at your school.

Christmas Ideas:

  • Make Christmas cards for an assisted living home, children's hospital, etc.;
  • Make a care-basket for someone in need.