Roots Capital Campaign

Thank you for taking time to learn more about our current capital campaign - Roots.  Perhaps you are connected to our ministry through a student or are considering Community Christian School as a place for your child.  Regardless of how you are connected, it is our desire for you to know that CCS has been helping children love God with their minds for nearly thirty years.  During this time hundreds of students have been taught to think and act biblically.  I am thankful to report that rather than lose our focus over the past quarter-plus century, we have actually strenghtened it.

At CCS we are constantly working to move into a position of greater impact and influence in our community.  Our goal in this is not pride; instead, we simply want to reach the children of our community and work alongside their families as we train them to serve him.  To say the least this is no small undertaking, and we need the assistance of people like you to make it happen.

From its inception in 1984, CCS has sought to be somewhat unique in the field of Christian education.  Typically, when one thinks of private education, whether secular or Christian, a high price tag is the first thought which comes to mind.  CCS is different, however.  Our basic ministry philosophy has always been to make an academically challenging, Christ-centered education accessible to the average family.  A synonym for accessible here would certainly be affordable.  It is our desire to prevent cost from being a significant barrier to families who want a Christian education for their children.

In 2012, we embarked upon a focused capital campaign entitled "Roots".  The name is derived from a great promise found in the book of Isaiah.  There God promises his children that they would "take root downward and bear fruit upward" (37:31).  What an awesome picture this provides for us today.  This promise had more in mind than crops flourishing and vineyards overflowing.  God had in view here the day when his children would live from the nourishment of a strong foundation - roots - and subsequently produce fruit to the glory of God.  I must confess that as a parent and an educator this is exactly what I want for all of our children - roots which lead to fruit.

The rationale for the name is simple: Deeper roots result in better fruit.  Like you, we want our children to develop into strong, committed Christian adults.  For that to happen we must make every effort to help them establish roots in Christ.  Therefore, we are asking you to help us accomplish this goal by making a financial investment in the lives of children.  Your donation of any amount will be used to strengthen the work of Christ in the lives of children enrolled at CCS and enable us to keep our tuition at affordable rates.

Our goal for this campaign is $100,000.  All funds received from this campaign will be used to secure additional space for our children to grow and learn.  I ask you to prayerfully consider how God will lead you to support CCS.  Your prayers and contribution will enable us to continue serving Christ by helping students to develop a strong root system in his word.

There are two simple ways to give.

  • (1) Online Donation.  Follow this link to donate online through Pay-Pal.  Donate Now!
  • (2) Mail-in Donation.  Below is a link to our donation card.  Please complete this card and include it with your contribution.


Our mailing address:

152 Rolling Hills Avenue, Canton, GA 30114


Again, thank you for your support and please continue spreading the word about CCS!