Our kindergarten is a full-day program which strives to blend a challenging academic curriculum with the natural, learn-as-you-play developmental pattern of small children.  The core of our K5 academic curriculum is language and mathematics.  Over the course of the year our goal is to strengthen each student's grasp of phonics and basic math facts while simultaneously expanding their reading level.  The balance of the curriculum is designed to introduce them to subjects which they will explore more deeply later, such as science and social studies.  As in all grades, our Bible curriculum is designed to introduce them to God and challenge them to know, love, and respect their creator.  Students will spend ample time coloring, painting, cutting, glueing along with a host of other artistic projects commonly associated with kindergarten.

Standardized Testing

  • All elementary students complete standardized testing each spring.  We currently utilize the Terra Nova 3 test published by McGraw Hill.  More detailed information can be found here.


  • Bible (ACSI) - This Bible series focuses on the foundational teachings from the Bible about the nature and character of God, the qualities of his people, and his church.  Students are provided with an overview of the Bible, with an emphasis on God's attributes, biblical characters, the early church, and what it means to know Jesus Christ and live for him.  Students will be challenged to memorize twenty verses from the Bible which work in conjunction with the teaching units.
  • Language (A Beka) - This text emphasizes the phonetical structure of the English language.  Beginning with preschool, our language program is phonics based.  In kindergarten students build up their preschool phonics foundation as they continue learning letter blends and how to use them.  These concepts are strengthened through a host of hands-on activities which also improve their motor skills.  
  • Mathematics (A Beka) - Our preschool students receive a strong foundation with numbers.  The goal in kindergarten is take that foundation and begin teaching the students how numbers work together.  A sampling of our curriculum includes: Counting, sorting, recognizing and developing patterns, story problems, identifying a missing number, matching number sets, counting backwards, telling time, money, addition and counting by various numbers (i.e., 2's, 5's) are all emphasized throughout the school year.  Through this process, students receive instruction and practice with the proper formation of numbers.
  • Reading (A Beka) - Expanding a child's reading level is an important focus of our curriculum.  We currently utilize a series of readers published by A Beka.  These leveled readers offer an excellent way for students to gradually increase their reading level over the course of the school year.  
  • Science (Nancy Larson) - This hands-on curriculum is designed to introduce and excite students about God's creation through experiments and activity-based exercises. 
  • Social Studies (Harcourt) - Our goal for social studies in kindergarten is to introduce students to the basics of learning about our culture and society at large.  This is a teacher-led series which challenges students to consider how communities work. 
  • Vocabulary (Wordly Wise) - Wordly Wise develops key oral vocabulary that lays the foundation for literacy success and prepares students for the content-area reading they will encounter in later grades.
  • Handwriting (A Beka) - Proper penmanship is a lost art.  Our handwriting curriculum is designed to foster proper letter formation and attention to detail.  

Field Trips

  • Students participate in several field trips throghout the course of the school year.  Each trip is designed to emphasize a component of the curriculum.  Examples of field trips taken in the past include: Tellus, Legoland, The Martha Berry Museum at Berry College, and the Georgia Ensemble Theatre.