Tuition and Fees

Rates and fees listed below are effective with the 2017-2018 academic year.


Annual Tuition and Fees

Grade Level        Enrollment Fee        Yearly Tuition
Kindergarten Four     $250        $2,400
Kindergarten Five Half Day (8:00-12:00)  $450  $3,500
Kindergarten Five Full Day  (8:00 - 2:30)  $450  $4,500
Elementary First-Sixth Grade  $450  $4,750


Important Notes


Enrollment Fee

The total Enrollment Fee includes teaching supplies, student textbooks, insurance, student record maintenance, and for kindergarten students and above it also includes standardized testing.  Please note, THE ENROLLMENT FEE IS NON-REFUNDABLE.  Textbooks will not be ordered and your child's place is not confirmed until the enrollment fee has been received in full.


Enrollment Fee Discount for Kindergarten through Sixth Grade

A discount of $50 will be applied to the enrollment fee for kindergarten through sixth grade students IF the enrollment fee is paid in full on or before February 28, 2017.  This discount also applies to families with multiple children enrolled concurrently.


Additional Expenses

Please note that additional expenses such as uniforms, field trips, lunch fees, yearbook, pictures, as well as before and after school fees are not included in the annual tuition.


Early Withdrawal Penalty

Families who withdraw prior to the end of the school year will be charged for tuition through the end of the semester during which they withdraw.  For example, if a student is withdrawn in November, their account will be charged through December.  Please be advised that records will be withheld until a student's account is cleared.  Appeals to this penalty will be entertained in circumstances which are severe in nature.  All appeals will be addressed by the board of directors.


Tuition Discounts


Multi-Student Discount

A tuition discount of 5% per child (beginning with the second child) is offered to families with more than one student enrolled concurrently.  Families with four or more children enrolled at CCS will receive a 5% discount per child, including the first child.


Full Payment Discount

A tuition discount of 3% is offered to families who choose to pay for their child's tuition in one payment.  Payment must be received on or before August 1, 2017.  This discount can be combined with the multi-student discount.  Any discounts arising from the long-term or refer-a-family programs will be credited for future use and may not be redeemed for cash.  In conjunction with the Early Withdrawal Penalty, if a family withdraws prematurely, the balance of tuition for the current semester will be withheld.  The remaining amount, if any, will be refunded. For example, if a student whose tuition was paid in full withdraws in November, December's tuition will be withheld while January through May's tuition will be refunded.


Long-Term Student Discount

Students who enroll for their fifth consecutive year will receive a $50 credit towards their annual tuition.  This credit will be divided into ten (10) equal disbursements and credited monthly over the course of the school year.  Students who maintain enrollment beyond the fifth year will receive this credit each subsquent year.


Refer-a-Family Discount

We offer a discount to families who successfully refer new families to Community Christian School.  If a family applies and is accepted to CCS because they were referred by an active CCS family, the referring family will receive a $250 credit.  This program has some limitations.  Contact the school office for details.