What are people saying about Community Christian School?

 “We love this school!  My children have done very well academically this past school year.  They both were very prepared for the standardized testing and did very well.  We find the small class size enables a strong learning environment.  When the end of the school year came around, my children did not want school to end.  CCS promotes a safe wholesome environment for strong academics as well as a Christ centered education.

Please allow me to share this heartwarming story which will demonstrate how important this school is to our family.  I was watching my grandchildren over this holiday weekend and I overheard my seven year old daughter ask my five year old grandson if he knew the two meanings for "knowing Jesus".  She proceeded to explain the first way was to know of Him.  She then went on to explain the other way is when you not only know of Him but make Him Lord and Savior over your life.  If that didn't blow me away! Some schools can boast of their high test scores, but this school can do that and much more.  It cannot be beat when it comes to incorporating Christ into the hearts of our precious little people while educating them!  Thank you CCS for your faithfulness.”

- CCS Parent 


“I have been on staff at CCS for going on 6 years. I love how I am able to teach and show the students how God is working in every single area of their lives. God isn't just talked about in chapel, but rather, integrated into every subject, project, and special event that we do. That is what it's all about...HIM! My son will be attending CCS this fall, and my husband and I are ecstatic! CCS is a true blessing!”

- CCS Teacher


“This is our 4th year with CCS. Words cannot describe what a blessing the school and teachers have been to our family. It's a place where our children are loved and encouraged to explore the potential that God has given to them. Love shines through this place. Over the past four years, they have prayerfully and lovingly addressed my son's needs.  They have developed a specific system for him in which he thrives!  He loves going to school here and actually says, "It's the best school ever!"  It is a wonderful thing to see the gospel is taught alongside, and in relation to, a normal school curriculum.”

- CCS Parent