Thank you for taking time to visit our website.  My hope is that you will find it easy to navigate and more importantly, helpful with your desire to know more about Community Christian School.  If your questions are not answered, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I would love to speak with you and discuss your family's future at CCS.  At CCS we strive to provide an academically challenging education in a Christ-centered environment.  We are fully convinced that Jesus Christ must be the central, guiding figure of every educational endeavor.

To that end, we start with Him and build our curriculum around the truth of His gospel.  By doing this we believe that children will not only grow in their love and appreciation for God, but also learn to think and act biblically.  The psalmist Asaph beautifully captures our rationale for keeping Christ and His word at the center of all that we do.  In short, he provides us with four goals for our children.  He writes that we are to teach our children about God's word and proclaim His glory so that:

(1) They will arise and tell their children how awesome God is (Ps 78:5-6);

(2) They will place their hope in God (Ps 78:7a);

(3) They will remember and obey him (Ps 78:7b);

(4) They will not be like their stubborn, rebellious fathers (Ps 78:8).

Yes, this is a tall order, but by God's grace we can work together and raise the coming generations to not only know God, but love and fear Him as well.  

By His grace,


Elaine Thomason